The town on the banks of the orange river..

Aliwal North came by its unusual name by a convoluted route. Sir Harry Smith (Governor of the Cape) named it Aliwal to commemorate the famous battle in which he defeated the Sikhs of India in 1846. It lies on a strategic ford on the Orange River which was used by the Bushmen and the Voortrekkers. This was upgraded with a pontoon in 1872. Aliwal North developed simultaneously as a health resort and transport centre with the railway from East London reaching the town in 1885. This prompted rapid development as a commercial centre for the North-Eastern region of the British colony. 

The Nest Guest house
Wimpy Aliwal North
Engen Aliwal Auto Vulstasie
Aliwal Spa
Steers Aliwal North

the town is..

The town is the centre of a prosperous farming community whose main products are wool, maize, wheat, beef and dairy. The town’s principle assets are two popular hot mineral springs, which have extremely high concentrates of minerals and gases. The concentrate of gas is so high that the first restaurant built here was able to maintain its cooking fire from gas funnelled from the springs. A series of mineral springs produce water at a temperature of around 34C. 

Aliwal Spa
N6 Guest lodge
Vic Clothing
Coffee at Vida e Caffé
Aliwal North Historical Buildings

Other attractions 

Aliwal North also has many other attractions such as Museums, Historical Places and Buildings, Nature Reserves, a beautiful Golf Course as well as San Rock Artwork.

Aliwal Museum - For appointments and information, contact: Annatjie at +27 74 782 2119.

Gariep Financial Planners
Shell Aliwal North
Riette's Dance Studio
Fish Eagle Spa
Aliwal North
Aliwal North Gholf Course
Aliwal North Gholf Course Entrance
Aliwal North
Aliwal Spa
Aliwal North Bridge Orange River
Aliwal North
Aliwal North
Hertzog Bridge Aliwal North


Die CMR verryk gesinslewe deur Christus se liefde in aksie. Die CMR is 'n nie-winsgewende welsynsorganisasie wat prefessionele maatskaplike diens lewer. Die CMR funksioneer as diensarm van die NG Kerk en lewer dienste aan alle gesinne en gemeenskappe.


Ons lewer dienste Aliwal-Noord, Phola Park, Lady Grey, Jamestown

Hanz Truck & Plant Repairs
Aliwal North Historical Buildings
Berg Furniture and Top Carpets
Douglas & Botha Properties
Shield Security Services
Die Tolhuis Padstal
Die Tolhuis Padstal Aliwal North
Aliwal North Gholf Course

Aliwal North is famous for its Hot springs. The spa was recently restored and upgraded and has a large thermal pool, including a pool for children.  For all queries related to the Aliwal Spa, please phone the office at Tel 051 633 2951 or the Walter Sisulu Municipality at 051 633 8300. 

Things to do in and around Aliwal North:

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